NYC iSchool iNotes

NYC iSchool iNotes 3.25.19

March 25, 2019

Dear iSchool Families:

This is the fourteenth issue of the 2018-2019 iNotes.

The last day of the 3rd quarter is next Friday, April 5th. That means that, including today, there are only TEN school days left in the 3rd quarter (and SIX office hours sessions)!! Students should please make sure that they are keeping up with their work and are showing mastery in all of their courses! As a reminder, the iSchool believes very strongly that grades are earned, not given and we hope that all iSchool students are mastering the material being taught in their courses!

Topic of the Month: iSchool Admissions

As many of you already know, last year the iSchool was approved to join the city’s Diversity in Admissions pilot program which was launched by Mayor De Blasio’s office in 2015 to combat the city’s deeply segregated school system. Under this initiative, schools are allowed to prioritize seats for low-income students.

When the iSchool opened in 2008, the co-founders were looking to rethink high school to ensure that it worked for all students. For our first 8 years as a school our student body mirrored that of New York City in terms of our racial breakdown and close to 50% of our students qualified for free/reduced lunch. Over the past three years, however, we have seen our student body change to no longer represent the student body in New York City (where over 70% of students qualify for free/reduced lunch and close to 70% of students identify as Black or Latinx). As a public high school, we were very excited to participate in the Diversity in Admissions program to help ensure that the iSchool student body better represented New York City.

Starting with next years class, the Class of 2023, the iSchool gave priority to applicants who were eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch (based on family income) for up to 60% of our seats. Last week we received the results of the admissions process and wanted to share you on the following statistics about the iSchools Class of 2023:

  • 159 students were offered spots. 28 of those students were also offered spots at specialized high schools. Typically, some students also go to private schools or move out of state. Our hope/need is to have a 9th grade class of about 120. This is why we never have a wait list.
  • Of the 159 students, 133 scored 4 or higher on our rubric (where the highest score possible is 4.5 points). The 26 students who scored lower than a 4 on our rubric, all have IEPS. The total number of students with IEPs in the Class of 2023 is 31 (about the same as last year).
  • Of the 159 students, 62% are identified as female and 38% as males.
  • 5% go to private middle schools.
  • 85 different middle schools ae represented.
  • 58% of the class qualifies for free or reduced lunch. Last year, for the Class of 2022, that number was 30%.
  • Here is the ethnic breakdown of the class:
 Self-Identified Ethnicity Current iSchool Class of 2023
Black 15.8% 12%
Asian 8.8% 9%
White 45.3% 33%
Latinx 22.4% 38%
Mixed Race/Unknown 11% 8%

It is still early and we are sure many of these numbers will change due to attrition. With that said, we are proud of the steps that we are taking, and will continue to take, to ensure that the iSchool is a public school that represents the diversity and richness of New York City. If you have any questions about the above data, or the admissions process as a whole, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.